Course Description
Microbiology Non-Sci Majors
(4-3-4).This course covers basic microbiology and
immunology and is primarily directed at
pre-nursing, pre-allied health, and non-science
majors. It provides an introduction to historical
concepts of the nature of microorganisms,
microbial diversity, the importance of
microorganisms and acellular agents in the
biosphere, and their roles in human and animal
diseases. Major topics include bacterial
structure as well as growth, physiology,
genetics, and biochemistry of microorganisms.
Emphasis is on medical microbiology, infectious
diseases, and public health. Lab activities cover
basics of culture and identification of bacteria
and microbial ecology.
Required Prerequisite: TSI Met in Reading and
Writing. TSI Met in Non-Algebraic Math pathway.
Recommended Prerequisite: MATH-1314
Semester hours:4
Lecture hours:3
Lab hours:4
Petition required:N
Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies:N
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