Course Description
Principles of Healthy Cuisine
(3-2-3) Introduction to the principles of
planning, preparation, and presentation of
nutritionally balanced meals. Adaptation of basic
cooking techniques to lower the fat and caloric
content. Alternative methods and ingredients will
be used to achieve a healthier cooking style.
Modify recipes and substitute ingredients to
reduce calories, sugar, fat, and sodium; create
recipes using healthy techniques; identify common
food allergies and special dietary needs; relate
nutritional guidelines to diets and recipe
Licensure/Certification Agency: American Culinary
Federation Educational Institute.
Required Prerequisites: CHEF-1301, CHEF-1305 and
CHEF-2301 with a "C" or better.
Semester hours:3
Lecture hours:2
Lab hours:3
Petition required:N
Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies:N
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