Course Description
Common Concepts Adult Health
(4-4-0) Basic integration of the role of the
professional nurse as a provider of
patient-centered care, patient safety advocate,
member of health care team, and member of the
profession. Study of the common concepts of
caring for adult patients and families with
medical-surgical health care needs related to
body systems, emphasizing knowledge, judgment,
skills, and professional values within a
legal/ethical framework. This course lends itself
to a blocked approach. Focus is on holistic human
needs. Associate degree nurse role assimilation
is facilitated through the development of
identified major concepts.
Required Prerequisites: RNSG-1413, RNSG-1360, and
Required Corequisites: RNSG-1461 (If it is the
second attempt at passing this course, then the
co-requisite may be waived.)
Semester hours:4
Lecture hours:4
Lab hours:0
Petition required:N
Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies:N
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