Course Description
Learning Framework
(3-3-0) A study of the 1) research and theory in
the psychology of learning, cognition, and
motivation, 2) factors that impact learning, and
3) application of learning strategies. Theoretical
models of strategic learning, cognition, and
motivation serve as the conceptual basis for the
introduction of college-level student academic
strategies. Students use assessment instruments
(e.g., learning inventories) to help them identify
their own strengths and weaknesses as strategic
learners. Students are expected to integrate and
apply learning skills discussed across their own
academic programs and become effective and
efficient learners. Students developing these
skills should be able to continually draw from the
theoretical models they have learned. (Students
may NOT earn credit for both EDUC-1300 and
Semester hours:3
Lecture hours:3
Lab hours:0
Petition required:N
Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies:N
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