Course Description
Clinical Care of Child/Family
(2-0-6) A health-related work-based learning
experience that enables the student to apply
specialized occupational theory, skills, and
concepts. Direct supervision is provided by the
clinical professional.The supervision (faculty or
preceptor),is generally in a clinical setting.
Practical experience is simultaneously related to
theory. Clinical education is an unpaid learning
experience. Focus is on holistic human needs.
Associate degree nurse role assimilation is
facilitated through the development of major
Required Prerequisites: RNSG-1413, RNSG-1360,
RNSG-1105, RNSG-1441, RNSG-1461, RNSG-2213, and
Required Prerequisites or Corequisites: RNSG-2201
Semester hours:2
Lecture hours: 
Lab hours: 
Petition required:N
Course may be repeated for credit when the topic varies:N
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