Weekend Courses - 2021SP Spring 2021
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  • Dates in red indicate the section has special dates that do not coincide with the regular term dates.
  • Synonyms in teal indicate an asynchronous section -- the instructor and students are not working together in real time but that the student does the coursework separate from the instructor and at different times.
  • Synonyms in green indicate a synchronous section -- the instructor is working in real time with students with all sessions recorded to meet alternative scheduling demands.
  • Labs in orange indicate online instruction. Synchronous labs will display meeting Days and Times. Asynchronous labs will display as ARRANGED.
  • Classes without a color designation are currently face-to-face instruction.
Additional information may be found in the Instructor's Class Requirements (ICR).
Click the Section Link (if available) to view the Instructor's Class Requirements
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    Synonym Section Course     Campus Open
Instructor Days Times Start End
AERM-1357-32207 Fuel Metering/Induction Syst Books
8:00am - 10:10am
   *Additional scheduling for the above section.
10:10am - 2:20pm
       *Note: Some class meetings will be taught live and will be recorded to watch later. Instructors will put details in BlackBoard.
Acronym Meaning
CAI Computer Assisted Instruction
WEB  Internet/Computer Delivered
CLN Clinical
CN TCC Connect Campus
COOP Cooperative
INTN Internship
ITV Instructional Television
LAB Laboratory
LEC Lecture
NE Northeast Campus
NW Northwest Campus
OC Off Campus
OD Outside District (Tarrant County)
PRAC Practicum
SE Southeast Campus
SO South Campus
TR Trinity River Campus
TCC Plus TCC Plus Digital Textbook